Cheryl: My Story

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  1. Cheryl’s Story
  2. Cheryl Cole's autobiography: the riddle of the Geordie sphinx
  3. Cheryl Cole's autobiography: the riddle of the Geordie sphinx - Telegraph

Cheryl’s Story

I can understand why her fans will love this but if your not her biggest fan don't. My opinion hasn't changed about her, if anything it's gone down hill. She makes herself the victim of everything in this book, it was very much "please feel sorry for me".

She even managed to do it on her attack against that toilet attendant. And I felt she thought her life was so much tougher because she was on a council estate.

Cheryl Cole's autobiography: the riddle of the Geordie sphinx

I have friends from middle class backgrounds, with some of the same issue as she has had. Other than that its an okay very easy read. Customer Reviews See All. The singer gave a curt answer when journalist Peter Robinson's asked about her conviction for assaulting Sophie Amogbokpa at the Drink nightclub in Guildford, Surrey. In the November interview , Cheryl insisted people no longer mentioned the incident.

Cheryl was sentenced to hours of community service and a fine after being found guilty of actual bodily harm ABH. The former X-Factor judge wrote about it in her autobiography Cheryl:My Story where she claimed it was self-defence.

Cheryl Cole's autobiography: the riddle of the Geordie sphinx - Telegraph

The act was designed to give people who committed an offence a second chance, not for privacy purposes. We married at 19 but I didn't start coming back to church until I was in my early twenties. Even at that time, I came back because my dad needed a ride he had a stroke and so I would take him and drop him off.

Occasionally, I would stay. When I started trying to become pregnant and it wasn't happening, that started my journey to the Lord.

Cheryl Cole: My Story - Behind The Scenes at the Book Signing

It was something that I couldn't control. Looking back on it now, he was trying to bring me to Himself at that time. I eventually became pregnant and when my daughter was 3, a friend invited me to Bible Study Fellowship.